Large Japanese Bowl is a sculptural twin walled display piece with contrasting strait lines on the exterior and a gentle radiused open volume on the interior. Suitable as a display or fruit bowl as well as for presentation of salads and side/main dishes.


7.5cm TALL 27cm WIDE

  • Designed and produced from a modest boatshed atelier and basement studios, Gidon Bing Ceramics are sold and collected worldwide. New York, LA, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Paris, Copenhagen and have featured in Selfridges of London and Milan's Salone del Mobile among others. The latest collection draws inspiration from the power and presence of reductive forms – a natural extension of Gidons sculptural practice, where a fascination with the relationship between biological asymmetry and the artefact is explored.
  • ceramic studio:
  • Many of these ceramic objects are modelled and formed using techniques such as traditional Japanese wood bending, carving, plaster turning and mould making together with more contemporary approaches such as 3d printing and multi axis cnc. These processes form part of Gidons unique sculptural approach to designing and producing ceramics.
  • Crackle Glaze Care Instructions: Hand-washing is recommended for crackle vessels. It is not recommended to use crackle vessels to contain wet foodstuffs. Crackle glaze is also susceptible to stains from vivid pigmentations such as beetroot or turmeric etc. Satin finish Care Instructions: Satin glazes are microwave and dishwasher safe. Take care not to use sharp metal implements that can leave scratch marks such as steak knives on satin surfaces (with the exception of satin white Glaze which has been specially formulated for scratch resistance and is strong enough for use in commercial kitchens). The best method for stain removal is denture cleaning powders/tablets. If you have a bad or persistent stain, bleach or hydrogen peroxide can be used effectively.


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